Making a Camera Strap
Posted on: 11/02/2012

I like to point a camera at things. My interests of photography and making collided to create a camera strap. A camera strap which improved my abilities by 48%. Or not.

But anyway. I started soliciting material. And the material was from the bottom of a 1960ís Vietnam-era US army half shelter. Why do I have one of these? Donít ask. I may tell you later.

Tent material Tent material cut out

Attaching the strap to the camera needed a piece of material about 1cm in width. I managed to get a piece of olive-green strap from an army surplus store. I then cut this in half, and melted the frayed edges with a soldering iron.

Strapping cut in half Melting the frayed edges

Then, I shoved it through the metal rings of the material, and fastened it all together with a sewing machine:

Sewing it all together

Attaching it to the camera, it was finished. Two years on, this is how it looks:

Finished strap  Finished strap close up

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