Dog Mug
Posted on: 10/01/2012

Many years ago my family possessed a mug with a sausage dog on it. Unfortunately thanks to an accident it was destroyed and lost forever...

However I managed to find it again in a random coffee room. Having ‘borrowed’ it, I decided that it was too scuffed to give to anyone. Also, it was technically stealing. So, I went ahead and tried to reproduce it.

Dog Mug

I took photos all around the mug:

Compiling images

Then, I stitched them together in With some various re-sizing it all managed to fit together. Then I inked the lines and painted the colours and grass, to produce the final product:

Finished mug

Which was then printed onto a new mug. While I was pretty happy with the results, the printing just wasn’t the same as the painting method used originally and the colours were a lot darker. Also the jumper wasn’t as clear owing to it being essentially a direct copy. However this could possibly be solved by messing around with posterizing effects.

The two mugs can be seen side by side in the picture below:

Finished mug

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