Sculpting a 3D-Pikachu-Totoro Picture Frame
Posted on: 07/08/2012

A while ago now, I started work on sculpting, firing, and then painting a custom picture frame. I had never done anything like this before but luckily managed to stumble through to something that held together.

The first step would be to actually sculpt out the shape of a frame. Picking apart a cheap frame and getting the rough size was the first step, and then some detailing was added:

Starting frame with some outlines

And was then finished off:

Final sculpted outlines

Next, I managed to get the get hold of a kiln, thanks to the wonderful people at the University's ceramic workshop. Clay has the amusing ability to shrink when drying out, which would warp something flat like this. Putting the frame on a cake-cooling stand seemed to do the trick however. Once fired, I got ready to do some painting:

Beginning to paint Beginning to paint

With some final detail, and some of the source pictures I used:

Final detail

Next up came varnishing, gluing the back to the frame (tricky to do - always make sure you have some leverage holding stuff down), and most important of all - Totoro's whiskers.

Lot's of glue and patience

And finally it was done!

Frame finished table

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